Women of Faith: Believe in Who You Are (DVD)

Women of Faith: Believe in Who You Are (DVD)

Altus Fine Art

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Women of Faith is a tribute to the women in our lives: elieve in who you are! A beautiful multimedia tribute to women of faith, This DVD combines the music of Hilary Weeks, Who You Are,€? with inspiring imagery from many of the best LDS artists of our time, including Simon Dewey, Annie Henrie, Joy Gough, Howard Lyon, Lynde Mott, and Jay Bryant Ward. Women of Faith provides a wonderfully uplifting message for any women's gathering or lesson and makes the perfect gift for those special women in our lives. The music and the images are sure to please. Product Details Run Time: Approx. 4 Minutes


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Established in 1999, ALTUS FINE ART is a publisher of inspirational artwork. Our ongoing commitment is to promote art and artists who seek to celebrate lasting values and the beauty of the world around us. We strive to continually bless and inspire individuals and families with our products.

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