Tungsten Rosetta Stone CTR Ring (Size 13)

Tungsten Rosetta Stone CTR Ring (Size 13)

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LOVE IT!!! by Jaron - reviewed on October 27, 2011 This ring is made of tungsten carbide, Durable & Strong. I wear it everywhere, shower, swim, work & it still looks as good as the day I bought it. So happy with this product. Great ring, BUT... by Shawn - reviewed on March 06, 2013 I love the look of this ring, but the ring has a vertical groove between each CTR shield as can be seen in the picture. The grooves collect 'gunk' (lotion, etc) and it's quite a nuisance to try to keep the grooves clean. The manufacturer sells another ring made of tungsten which has no grooves, but it only has one CTR shield, it doesn't have the other language shields around the ring unfortunately. I'm returning the ring but would buy another one if they would re-manufacture it without the grooves.

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