ReadyWise II Emergency Kit

ReadyWise II Emergency Kit

Emergency Essentials

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Product Description


The two-person, three-day ReadyWise II„¢ kit offers a balance between portability and functionality, bringing together great value and utility with supplies that can make all the difference in an emergency. With this kit, you get variety in your food, with food bars and an MRE entree per person per day. The kit also provides water for three days with the means to purify additional water via the included purification tablets and polycarbonate water bottles. The roomy, sturdy backpacks included with the kits fit the contents well and offer room to add custom items and extra necessities you'll need in an emergency. An included cell phone charger allows you to maintain critical communication even when power is out. Add to those features N95 respirator masks, first-aid supplies, sanitation items, warmth, shelter, light, and more, and you'll see how valuable this kit can be should an emergency occur. Contents:3600-Calorie Food Bar (2) MRE Entree (6) Aqua Blox (18) Candy Piece (12) Katadyn Micropur Tablet (2) Water Bottle (2) Hand and Body Warmer (6) Emergency Poncho (2) Emergency Sleeping Bag (2) Tube Tent (1) Wool-Blend Blanket (1) All-Weather Blanket (1) Box of Strike-Anywhere Matches (2) Trioxane Fuel Bar (2) Set of Lexan Utensils (2 Knives, 2 Forks, 2 Spoons) MRE Heater (6) Lightstick (2) LED Headlamp with Batteries (1) 5-in-1 Survival Whistle (2) 100-Hour Emergency Candle (1) AM/FM Radio with Batteries (1) Windup Flashlight (1) Cell Phone Adapter Tips (1) N95 Respirator Mask (2) Sunscreen Towelette (2) Insect Repellent Patch (2) Roll of Toilet Paper (2) Pocket First-Aid Kit (1) Disaster/Hygiene Kit (2) First-Aid Booklet (1) Preparedness Checklist (1) Large Daypack (1) Extra-Large Daypack (1) Multifunction Tool (1) Duct Tape (1) Pair of Leather Gloves (1) Campers Trowel (1)


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Our goal at Emergency Essentials, Inc. is to help people prepare. We offer practical, reliable products that will help keep your family safe in uncertain times. The motto be prepared€? has always been wise counsel. This principle teaches that you should prepare ahead of time so you are better able to handle unforeseen circumstances.

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