Micro Mini Allegro CTR Ring (Size 7)

Micro Mini Allegro CTR Ring (Size 7)


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For over 25 years, Ringmasters has provided the best in LDS jewelry and gifts. Our extensive line of CTR rings, necklaces, bracelets, young women jewelry, scripture cases, home d©cor, and many other products have inspired multiple generations of Latter-Day Saint families like yours. We are also the industry leaders in safety. Ringmasters is committed to providing high quality, reasonably priced and safe products for our customers. We are proud to say they are tested and certified. In short, when you purchase Ringmasters products, you get peace of mind from knowing they are safe and inspiration from the meaning and reminder that they provide. Be Careful! by L - reviewed on March 10, 2006 Be careful with this one! The metal bends and does not keep its shape. Also, part of the shield chipped out. Not sure how since it is inset. great ring by Customer - reviewed on September 15, 2008 My daughter loved this ring. wonderful ring by nicole - reviewed on April 27, 2011 i absolutely love this ring. we had originally bought the cursive ctr ring, but it kept digging into my finger and snagging on things, so we got this one. since having my 2 babies, my wedding ring hasn't been fitting, so i've been wearing this ring in it's place temporarily. it is strong enough to handle everyday wear, i don't even take it off to shower. i have bad reactions to lots of metal too, and this one i do not react to, which is incredible, because most cheap jewelery i can't wear. i don't know what metal this is, and was hoping the site would clue me in. nice and simple by Kristina - reviewed on November 12, 2008 I love this ring. I wear it on my pinky. It's small but still big enough to see. simple and sweet by Melanie - reviewed on November 18, 2008 I love my small ctr ring. It is simple and a constant reminder to do the right thing.

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