Lemuel (Action Figure)

Lemuel (Action Figure)

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Lemuel was the second son of Lehi and Sariah. He was a lot like his older brother Laman. He too, was stubborn and rebellious. Lemuel was jealous of his younger brother Nephi and was disobedient and spiteful to his parents. He did not believe in the righteous teachings of his father, Lehi. Lemuels example in The Book of Mormon teaches us what happens when we do not choose the right.


About the Author

We love them! :) by Cory - reviewed on March 16, 2014 I have a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and a 2 year old. All boys. They all love "guys" of any kind and we've had a few of these action figures for about a year now. They love them. Always playing with them. The Lemuel figure is very sturdy. If you have little ones who like action figures, these will be a big hit. We also use them to "act out" the scripture stories during our family scripture time and they kids are grinning ear to ear whenever we do lol.

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