Fuzion Link Wide Black Diamond CTR Ring (10)

Fuzion Link Wide Black Diamond CTR Ring (10)

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  • $ 2995

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Stainless Steel and Black Diamond Ceramic.

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weak links by Meredith - reviewed on April 06, 2012 I ordered this ring for my 12 year old son. He was really excited when he saw it. It's a nice looking ring but when putting it on he dropped it onto the carpeted floor and the several pins holding the links together fell out. We decided to return it since being on a 12 year old's finger will require it to be a bit more durable than it seems. It was great while it lasted.... by Customer - reviewed on August 27, 2011 Fuzion Link is a great wearing and fitting ring but then one day it fell apart....and we are sad that this happened right after the 90 day period. Unfortunately this policy is enforced and I feel I'm not even able to exchange defective materials...what a clean and swipe policy. Please review the quality of your wonderful breakables...I am the wiser now that goodness it wasn't a fortune...but only an annoyance. I recommend another choice...unless you have thirty dollars to spare. awesome by linda - reviewed on January 18, 2011 i love this ring its a beautiful piece of art i got it for my son he LOVES it! Awsome CTR ring by Brian - reviewed on May 16, 2011 I'M so happy with this CTR ring I love it. It fits me really good. Know I hope to find a mormon sisster GOD BLESS.

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