CTR Spinner Ring (Size 8.5)

CTR Spinner Ring (Size 8.5)

One Moment in Time

  • $ 1995

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One of our most popular designs! A special splurge for you or a stylish gift for someone else.

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Paint Peels by Justin and Melissa - reviewed on November 04, 2004 It looks cool, but the dark finish in the middle peels off within a week and makes it look really dumb. It looks cool without the paint. by Customer - reviewed on May 30, 2007 Just like what all the others have said, the paint does ware off. But in my personal oppion it looks cool without the paint. I loved mine until I lost it. I plan to buy another unless I find one I like more. Tony by Tony - reviewed on April 03, 2008 I baught this ring a little over a little over 2 years and its so good..which is in my opinion..The spinner still works and the black did come off with in a week or 2 but I polished it up and now its like chrome and very shiny and nice...I love it Awesome!!!!!!! by Kristy - reviewed on October 23, 2008 A friend of mine has this ring and now everyone else does too!

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