Black Titanium CTR Ring (Size 8)

Black Titanium CTR Ring (Size 8)

One Moment in Time

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Very Nice Ring by Roger - reviewed on September 23, 2008 This ring is so light and I think very unique and eye catching - the silver and black go great together. The inside is rounded so the ring fits nicely. Needs better description by Ann - reviewed on December 03, 2013 The description of this ring should say that it is titanium and black rubber. I would be disappointed too if I didn't know that the inner part is rubber. Nice light ring. Excellent by Travis - reviewed on April 09, 2009 I have had mine for a few weeks now. And I can't beleive how many people notice it. It does stand out. It looks great and wears great too. Worth it by Ryan - reviewed on July 25, 2011 This ring was definitely worth it, I can only say to those that don't like it I think you might have been expecting something far different cause I thoroughly enjoy mine. As I stated definitely worth it and I recommend this ring for everyone. Light Weight by Rick - reviewed on July 21, 2011 For those of you who like a ring thats light this one is fantastic, Titanium is one of the lightest & strongest engineered metals on the market, they use this same metal on the space shuttle. Love this ring, Another great light ring option is the ring which has carbon fiber in it. I love these new tech engineered rings.

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