Black Agate CTR Shield Mood Ring (Size 7)

Black Agate CTR Shield Mood Ring (Size 7)

Pioneer Plus

  • $ 599

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Don't miss this fantastic new line of CTR shield agate mood rings by Pioneer Plus! Available in three great colors and four sizes, these stone rings make a great gift for kids of all ages. They will love seeing how their mood changes the colorful swirls embedded in the band as they are reminded to choose the right each and every day.

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Durable, Nice Looking, & Cool by Cheryl - reviewed on December 02, 2011 I am 52 years old and bought this ring just to spend the full amount of a gift certificate I had won. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received it as to its beautiful color and shading. I wear this ring every day on my wedding finger as a reminder for me to "Choose The Right". After almost a year the gold shields are still fully engraved, no scratches, or chips in the ring at all. It still changes color and I get many compliments on it. I also like it because people will ask me about I get to explain to them the whole CTR concept. This ring is inexpensive, durable and pretty cool I think...I hope you buy it and will enjoy it as I have and do. Looks great but not made to last by Amber - reviewed on May 20, 2013 I bought this ring for my eight-year-old son. The second day of use he hit his hand against a metal bar on the playground equipment and the ring shattered into about five pieces. He was heart broken. I was hoping it would be more durable especially after reading the previous review.

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