Baguette CTR Ring (Size 7)

Baguette CTR Ring (Size 7)


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For over 25 years, Ringmasters has provided the best in LDS jewelry and gifts. Our extensive line of CTR rings, necklaces, bracelets, young women jewelry, scripture cases, home d©cor, and many other products have inspired multiple generations of Latter-Day Saint families like yours. We are also the industry leaders in safety. Ringmasters is committed to providing high quality, reasonably priced and safe products for our customers. We are proud to say they are tested and certified. In short, when you purchase Ringmasters products, you get peace of mind from knowing they are safe and inspiration from the meaning and reminder that they provide. Ring is pretty, but stones catch on fabric and very scratchy. by Customer - reviewed on March 19, 2008 My husband gave me this ring for our anniversary. It is pretty, but the stones snatch on everything. It's quite annoying, and I've ruined quite a few clothing items. So even though it's a cute ring, I would have personally exchanged it if my husband had kept the receipt because I don't think it's worth the price he paid for it. Beautiful ring!!!! by Customer - reviewed on January 06, 2010 My mom bought this ring for me and gave it to me on the day of my baptism. This was the one I had secretly wanted as my baptism date drew near. I always get compliments and I find myself looking at it often. I love this ring! As to the previous review, yes it does sometimes snag but you will have that with just about any ring. I don't think something as silly as that should be held against it. LOVE this ring! by Rachel - reviewed on October 08, 2010 I have had this ring for 11 years, and I wear it like it's my job. I have had absolutely no problems with stones falling out, the prongs catching on things, etc. It's perfect. When I think it needs to be cleaned, I just use an old toothbrush and whitening toothpaste. Then it's good as new! LOVE LOVE LOVE this ring! by Customer - reviewed on March 05, 2011 This ring is the first thing I bought when I was in Utah 2 summers ago. It's an amazing ring, I catch myself looking at it often. I've had no problems with it getting caught on clothing or with stones falling out. I absolutely LOVE it! :)

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