3 Day Emergency Kit

3 Day Emergency Kit

Emergency Essentials

  • $ 5895

Product Description


This compact kit with a daypack includes basic emergency items for three days, providing items for shelter, water, food, first aid, warmth, light, communication, and more. The food, water, and other items in the kit store well in a range of normal temperatures, making it a great automobile kit. This kit is a great way to start preparing each person of a family, office, school, or workplace unit. Contents: 3600 Calorie Food Bar (1) Candy Pieces (3) Aqua Blox (6) Hand and Body Warmer (3) Emergency Poncho (1) Emergency Sleeping Bag (1) Tube Tent (1) Box of Strike Anywhere Matches (1) Lightstick (1) LED Headlamp with Batteries (1) 100-Hour Plus Emergency Candle (1) AM/FM Radio with Batteries (1) 5-in-1 Survival Whistle (1) Toilet Paper (1) Pocket First Aid Kit (1) Medium Daypack (1) Multifunction Knife (1) Emergency Tape (1)


About the Author

Our goal at Emergency Essentials, Inc. is to help people prepare. We offer practical, reliable products that will help keep your family safe in uncertain times. The motto be prepared€? has always been wise counsel. This principle teaches that you should prepare ahead of time so you are better able to handle unforeseen circumstances.

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