2012 Primary Theme: Choose the Right Spinner Necklace (Necklace)

2012 Primary Theme: Choose the Right Spinner Necklace (Necklace)

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This year in Primary, we're learning to always choose the right. Help your children remember to make good choices with this full set of products featuring the 2012 Primary theme. Choose from bookmarks, necklaces, tie tacks, and stickers, plus much more! Perfect as prizes, rewards, or birthday gifts, they're a great way to show your favorite Primary kids how important their choices really are.

About the Author

Stopped spinning after one day by Customer - reviewed on February 25, 2014 My daughter received this necklace as a baptism gift. It is a precious and cute little necklace. The pendent is constructed like a compass and the tiny CTR spins around inside the glass/metal casing. She was baptized on Saturday wore it to church on Sunday and received many compliments. After church she took it off and put it on her dresser. Monday morning she asked me to help her put it on and we noticed that it wasn't spinning any more. I am not sure if it is a magnet or vacuum issue but the CTR piece is just sitting in there and won't spin. Needless to say, my daughter is heart broken.

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